The Catholic University of America






Our full-time staff, Learning Specialists, Testing Administrator and student workers are all here to assist the CUA community. Everyone who works in DSS is committed to doing all that we can to ensure that each students unique needs are met.

To speak with a staff member please call (202) 319-5211. Please direct all inquiries to


Philip V. Magalong, Ed.D.
 Paul Fontaine, M.A.
Assistant Director /Assistive Technology Coordinator
Caitlin Rothwell, M.A.
DSS Coordinator


Justin McPherson, B.A.
Administrative Assistant 
Michelle Garrard, B.A.
Braille Transcriptionist
Breahna Blakely, B.S.
Testing Administrator
Joseph Garnett, B.A.
Testing Administrator
Parmis Khosravi, M.A.
Learning Specialist
 Gheri Arnold, B.A.
Learning Specialist

Natalie Ridgely, B.S.

Learning Specialist

Amanda McClearly, B.A.

Learning Specialist