The Catholic University of America


Making Publications Accessible


To ensure equal access to information about CUA programs and/or events, the Office of Disability Support Services and the Office of Publications have developed the following guidelines.



  • Submit all copy to the Office of Publications as an MS Word document.
  • Do not include images.
  • Do not use text boxes or frames.
  • Include a statement in the text that the publication is available in alternative formats upon request and supply contact information.
  • Publications will e-mail your office an image-free MS Word document or an image-free PDF file.


Finished Publications

Fulfilling requests for alternate format publications is the responsibility of the department or office for whom the publication was produced. DSS suggests following the procedures:

  • Designate a specific person to handle requests for publications in an alternate format.
  • The preferred format for alternate format publications to be e-mailed is as text-only MS Word files, which that the requester can print out in whatever size he or she needs.
  • If someone requests a file in Braille, please e-mail the request and file to DSS at
  • If a requester cannot receive e-mail and requests a copy in large print, increase the font size as requested, reorient the copy if necessary (horizontal to vertical for example) and send a copy to the requester.


Questions or concerns? Please contact Disability Support Services.


Thank you for working with us to provide equal access at CUA.