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Elevator Outage Procedures for Persons with Disabilities



Building Access (classroom, office, public spaces)

    • An out of service elevator will be considered an emergency when a person is stuck in the elevator and/or it interferes with accessibility due to a disability. 
    • In the event of an out of service elevator when a person with a disability is located on an upper level of the building, it will be given priority to fix due to the fact that it is needed for a person with a disability. Faculty and staff with disabilities should notify the Building Administrator that they work in the building so that the Building Administrator knows to contact them in the event of an elevator outage.
    • For both of the scenarios listed above, the elevator company will be called to determine if they are able to come out quickly.  Note:  depending on the cause of the problem, the elevator company may not be able to fix it immediately.
    • If the emergency happens after normal business hours, all attempts will be made to contact the elevator company. Priority will be given when a person is stuck on the elevator. 
    • An "Out of Order" sign will be placed on the elevator by either the Building Administrator, the person reporting the outage or FSC and a message left for FSC so that the elevator company can be called the morning of the next regular business day for a non-emergency.
    • All Building Administrators will be notified when an elevator is out in their area.  If they are aware of someone in the building with a disability who is unable to use the stairs independently, they will notify FSC.
    • The Building Administrator will make every attempt to notify all departments in the building and the Registrar in an effort to reach faculty who have class in that building.

(A list of Building Administrators is available on the inside of the CUA Telephone Directory)


Residence Hall

    • An out of service elevator in a residence hall will be given priority when a person is stuck (either in the elevator or on an upper level) and/or it interferes with accessibility in a residence hall due to a resident with a disability. 
    • If an outage occurs after 5pm in a Residence Hall where a student with a mobility disability lives, the elevator company will be contacted to provide service that night. 
    • All students with disabilities who are not able to use the stairs, are to be notified to contact DPS if they are ever stuck in a building or unable to get in or out due to a non-functioning elevator.  Students will also be made aware that some problems may not be able to be fixed until morning.

Note:  When an elevator company is unable to respond immediately, DPS will assess the situation and work with local first responders to determine the appropriate course of action.


For more information on general emergency evacuation procedures and specific information for emergency evacuation for persons with disabilities go to: