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The documentation (written report and form) should be submitted by a professional who is licensed/certified in the area for which the diagnosis is made and who is not related to the student.

The written report (see documentation guidelines) should explain the current functional limitations imposed by the condition.  The following questions should be addressed:

  • Basis on which Axis I and Axis II diagnoses were made.
  • If Psychological and/or psycho-educational tests are used, indicate all tests data/scores used to support diagnosis.
  • Current medication including: dosage and side effects that the student is experiencing.
  • Short/Long term prognosis
  • Therapeutic interventions, compliance?
  • Educational Implications (be specific about the nature/severity of limitations)
  • An additional form is required

Please contact the DSS office to request form.


Due to the nature of psychological conditions,  DSS asks students to provide updated documentation  each year in order to ensure that DSS is doing all that we can to accommodate the student given the current status  of the student's condition.  This is not a requirement to re-certify with DSS.  This information is requested for the sole purpose of providing DSS with the most up-to-date information to work with in order to support the student's current needs.



Please send all documentation to:

Disability Support Services

The Catholic University of America

620 Michigan Ave NE, 127 Pryzbyla Center

Washington, DC 20064

Phone:  202-319-5211  Fax:  202-319-5126