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What to Expect from the Accommodation Letter


In order to receive accommodations because of a disability, the student must be registered with DSS.  We realize that in some cases faculty might feel they can make this determination on their own.  However, while we applaud faculty for their willingness to accommodate students, unless the accommodation is something that you would do for any student, regardless of disability and that is made clear to all students up front, issues can arise for the student with other classes and there is the potential for formal complaints.  Therefore, in order to maintain consistency and one uniform process, please make sure that before providing accommodations to students with disabilities that you have a letter from DSS.  For more information on this, please read- When Faculty are TOO Accommodating.

Once a student is registered with DSS, they are asked to request an accommodation letter each semester.  The student should do the following:

1)  Make an appointment to meet with their instructor as early in the semester as possible

2)  Bring their letter to the meeting

3) Discuss with their instructor their accommodations and how their disability might impact them in class

This time is a great opportunity to dialogue with the student about how you can best help them.

Please note, if their accommodation letter states that they are allowed accommodations for tests, it is the responsibility of the student the notify the instructor at least 4-5 working days in advance of each test that they wish to use accommodations.  Click here to read more about the test accommodation process.

For more information on the accommodations that are available, click here.