The Catholic University of America

 E-Text Production



Some students with disabilities may be eligible for materials in an alternative format, depending on their disability. Alternative formats include any range of electronic formats such as PDF, DOC, or forms of e-pub as well as hard copy Braille and large print.  In order to put materials into an alternative format, we have a labor intensive process that can take up to 80 hours to convert one text book.  It may be helpful for you to become familiar with this process so that you know what is involved.  Converting Books into Alternative Formats brochure explains this process to students we accommodate.

In addition, we continually try to stay on top of new books that are added to the curriculum so that students don't have to wait as long for their books to be converted.  If you anticipate adding books  or including files on Blackboard in your curriculum, it would be very helpful if you could provide our office with a copy of the material prior to the semester when you plan to use it.  Please contact us if you have questions about this.