The Catholic University of America


General Responsibilities
  • Inform students of office location and procedures for requesting accommodations
  • Accept and evaluate verifying documentation.
  • Maintain accurate documentation for each student
  • Approve appropriate accommodations
  • Provide notification to individuals as directed by the student.
  • Protect student’s privacy and confidentiality
  • Provide equal access to programs and services
Testing Responsibilities
  • Provide courier service to pick up and deliver exams.
  • Maintain integrity with the exams and exam process.  
  • Report any suspected academic dishonesty to the appropriate faculty member/department.
General Responsibilities
  • Meet the essential qualifications and institutional standards
  • Disclose the disability in a timely manner
  • Provide appropriate documentation
  • Inform DSS of accommodation needs
  • Talk with professors about accommodations. Bring the accommodation letter and any additional documents (i.e. notetaker announcement, recorded lecture policy) to faculty member.
  • Discuss with the faculty member how the accommodations are going to be implemented and explain about the situation, particularly testing accommodations.
  • Inform DSS of barriers to a successful education
  • Request accommodations each semester. Accommodations cannot be granted retroactively.
Testing Responsibilities
  • Before each test, students will need to confirm with their professor that they plan to use the accommodations.
  • Students needing to take their test through the DSS testing process must complete the student section of the “TEST REQUEST FORM” before presenting the form to the professor/instructor. The student is responsible for returning all copies of the completed “TEST REQUEST FORM” to the DSS office.
  • The “TEST REQUEST FORM” must be turned into Disability Support Services at least five (5) business days (two (2) weeks before the first day of the final exam period)  before the exam is to be taken.
  • Students must arrive on time to take the exam. If students are more than 15 minutes late, the amount of time late will be deducted from the allotted exam time.
  • Students must adhere to the university’s honor statement. Students suspected of academic dishonesty will be referred for disciplinary action.
General Responsibilities
  • Make sure that each course, viewed in its entirety, is accessible, e.g., content, texts and materials, assessment method, on-line instruction, time requirements.
  • Support and implement reasonable accommodations as identified in a letter from DSS and presented by the student.
  • Consult with DSS if requests conflict with course objectives/requirements.
  • Submit book lists to bookstore as early as possible
  • Include announcement on syllabus directing students to DSS if they have need for an accommodation related to a disability.
Testing Responsibilities
  • Verify that the student is registered with the Office of Disability Services by referring to the letter sent by the Office of Disability Services outlining appropriate and approved accommodations. No accommodations are to be allowed until a letter is received. Only the accommodations listed on the letter will be granted.
  • Thoroughly and legibly complete the Professor/Instructor part of the “TEST REQUEST FORM” and return the form to the student. The professor must indicate on the form where to return the exam upon completion.
  • If the courier method of deliver has been chosen, the professor must have the exam ready to be picked up by the Disability Services courier at least 24 hours before the exam is to be taken. Disability Support Services will provide a secure envelope in which to place exam(s). If the professor/instructor chooses to utilize other delivery methods, they must adhere to the following: the professor/instructor may deliver the exam(s) to 207 Pryzbyla Center, fax the exam(s) to (202) 319-5126 (only during office hours and after contacting the office), or e-mail the exam(s) to: