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Testing Providers in the DC Area




  1. When you make the initial phone call, make sure to explain what the testing is for (AD/HD, learning disability, other), if known. You can use our list of providers as a resource - Testing Resources in the DC Area
  1. Explain your problem briefly and ask if they can evaluate you for your stated concerns.  The provider should see you at least once to take a history and fully explore your needs and expectations.
  1. Ask what tests they will be doing and make sure that they know what Disability Support Services considers to be acceptable documentation.  
  1. Ask what the fees are for the initial visit, the evaluation, and any follow-up appointments.  You may also want to inquire as to whether or not insurance may cover any portion of the expenses.
  1. Find out how soon the provider could schedule an appointment.
  1. Find out how long the evaluation process takes.
  1. Ask the provider how long it will take for you to receive a copy of the written report of your evaluation. Make sure the report will have all of the components that DSS requires for documentation.
  1. Upon completing your evaluation, you should receive a written report which will tell you the results of the evaluation and will also explain the educational implications that this has for you.  A copy of the report, along with the scores of your tests, should be forwarded to Disability Support Services, if you plan to use the services that we have available. You may need to sign a release with the provider in order for them to send a copy of the report to our office.
  1. Make sure to complete your file with DSS.  Our office needs a completed DSS registration form on file along with a copy of your documentation.  If you are not yet sure if you have completed this form, please contact our office.

10. When the testing is completed, please send the report to:


The Catholic University of America

Disability Support Services

620 Michigan Ave. NE

201 Pryzbyla Center

Washington, DC 20064

              Fax 202-319-5126