The Catholic University of America

 Communicating with Instructors

                         While talking with instructors, you should:

·         State that you have a disability, and explain your affiliation with DSS

·         If appropriate, make them aware of your past successes, and suggest how they could enhance your future success

·         Discuss classroom accommodations, teaching techniques, and testing procedures that have been most helpful in the past.

·         Make it clear that you are a serious, motivated student who will succeed in their class if a reasonable allowance is made for a specific problem you have in a specific area

·         If possible, engage instructors in a problem solving process when solutions to the problem are not obvious

·         Be on time for scheduled appointments

·         Be calm and courteous, and do not interrupt

·         Refer them to the DSS Faculty webpage.


While talking with instructors, you should not:

§  Quote Section 504 or IDEA, or dictate policy

§  Get mad

§  Cry on their shoulder

§  Request unreasonable adjustments, or make demands for large amounts of their time