The Catholic University of America


Extended Time Test Options


There are three options for students who have been approved for additional time on tests:

  1. We encourage the student to work directly with the instructor to see if it is possible to take the test with the class and either start early or stay late to finish.
  2. The second option is for the student and the professor to agree on a mutual time and location for the student to take the test independently.
  3. The third option is for the student to take the test up in O’Boyle Hall.  For some students this may be the best option depending on their disability.  In order to do this, the following process needs to occur.
    • The student needs to bring to the instructor a test request form from DSS before each test. 
    • The student should complete the top section.
    • The professor completes the bottom section.  This section includes important information about the time of the test, what the student can have in the test and the pick-up and delivery method.
    • Once the form is complete, the student needs to bring the form back to DSS 5 business days before the test (2 weeks before final exams).  DSS then signs off on it and gives the student their copy and a copy to bring back to the instructor.
    • The instructor is responsible for getting the exam to DSS by the method chosen on the form at least 24 hours in advance.  DSS will attempt to contact the instructor to get the test, if we have not received the test prior to that time.  The test can be emailed, faxed, dropped off or picked-up depending on which was indicated on the form.  Tests do not get delivered to O’Boyle directly.  They must come to DSS first.  A tracking sheet will be attached to the exam so that we have a written record of who has handled the exam.
    • The student then goes up to O’Boyle to take the test at the stated time.
    • Once the test is complete, DSS will pick up the test and deliver it back to the stated location.  The faculty member will be asked to sign off on the tracking sheet to ensure proper delivery.