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Housing and Dining Services Accommodations

Housing Services Accommodations

Students applying for a housing accommodation or modification may apply under one of the following scenarios:

  • Housing accommodation only
    • Students required to live on campus: Request for a specific room type
    • Students not required to live on campus: Request to live on campus
  • Housing accommodation with a kitchen in order to accommodate a dining modification

Some possible housing accommodations are:

  • wheelchair access
  • single room
  • direct access to bathroom
  • physical modifications
  • distance from main campus buildings
  • emergency egress (including audible and/or visible alarms)
  • significant physical or mental health issues
  • equipment issues
  • Kitchen access due to health related dietary restrictions that cannot be met through Dining Services

Housing accommodations that are approved will reflect the student’s needs as discussed during the meeting with Disability Support Services. A student’s preferences, while considered, are not guaranteed. Students are encouraged to review the housing website and the different features of the different residence halls (including location) when making their request.

More general information on housing options can be found at:

Housing Accommodation Request Form

Clinical Care Provider Documentation Form for Housing Accommodation Request


 Dining Services Accommodations

CUA Dining is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students with special dietary needs including food allergies, medical diets, and/or food intolerances so students can fully participate in the dining experience. Dining plan removals are only granted to students with conditions that Dining Services cannot accommodate. We encourage students to check out the dining options through the Dining Services ( website.  There are a variety of Vegetarian, Vegan and Made Without Gluten options.
After submitting the necessary documentation, students will be asked to meet with the Dining Services Registered Dietitian to discuss their needs and learn of the food options available to them. At the meeting, the following will be discussed:
  • The student's history of the foods that can and cannot be tolerated
  • All of the food options and alternative food products available at CUA Dining. 
For more information about Dining Services Accommodations, contact Office of Events and Conference Services