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Please note that this is not an all inclusive list.  Accommodations are determined on a case by case basis in order to determine what is appropriate for each student.  If you have particular questions, please contact us at 202-319-5211 or 


Additional Time:  We recommend giving some students additional for in-class tests. The amount of time appropriate is determined based on the student's documentation.  Students do have the option to take their tests over at the Counseling Center.  However, in the event that the student might have a questions which would be best answered by someone with knowledge of the subject matter, it is more beneficial for the student if the instructor, a teaching assistant or grader from your class or department proctors the tests.  For more information on how this process works and for information about accommodating take home tests, click here.

Alternate exam dates during periods of heavy scheduling:  Some students with a variety of disabilities may need to space their exams out in order to allow for their disability to not significantly impact their ability to take their exams.  Each case is different.  DSS recommends talking about the issues with the student to determine the best way to address this.  DSS is also happy to be a part of the discussion.

Alternative testing environment:  DSS encourages all students who require testing accommodations to try as best they can to make those arrangements directly with their instructors.  However, if this is not possible, students may elect to take their tests in The Counseling Center.  In order to do this the student and the faculty member must complete the testing form which is available at DSS.  More information about the test form is available here.

Assistive Technology: Some students, because of their disability, will require assistive technology to be able to complete their test.  They may be able to use a laptop of their own or one from DSS.  However, if that is not an option, then they can use the computer in The Counseling Center. This accommodation may be needed due to a physical or learning disability which require the use of specialized software, hardware or because the student’s disability makes handwriting extremely messy and organization tends to be disjointed.  Using a word processor such as a lap-top allows the student to concentrate on organization and producing a legible piece of work. Students who use assistive technology may also use this accommodation so that they can take their tests with the class. Headphones may be used by the student if a speech output program is needed.

Calculator: The use of a calculator helps this student avoid mistakes such as reversing or skipping numbers.  If a test or assignment is designed to measure the student’s ability to perform functions a calculator would perform then this accommodation is inappropriate.

No Scantron:  Some students due to visual processing issues or visual disabilities, may not be able to transfer their answers to a scantron.  In this case, we ask that the student be able to answer directly on the test.  If this is not possible, please contact DSS to determine what other options might be available.

Scribe:  Students who are unable to write their exam independently due to either a physical or visual disability, may require assistance writing (i.e. scribe).  However,  DSS encourages students to use assistive technology for this purpose as a better way to ensure that their work is completed independently.  If assistive technology is not an available or appropriate option given the circumstances, DSS can assist with locating a scribe.

Spell-check or points not taken off for spelling:  The use of a spellchecker will help this student and may help the grader by making tests easier to read.  If the function of the test or assignment includes measuring spelling ability, this accommodation may not be appropriate.