The Catholic University of America




In order to receive Interpreter/Transcriber services while attending CUA, students must register with DSS and provide a schedule of their classes to DSS each semester.

Scheduling and Interpreter/Transcriber requests can be made only through DSS.   Students who schedule Interpreters/Transcribers on their own assume the responsibility of all associated costs.


All students should make every attempt to notify DSS of their schedule each semester as soon after they register as possible.

Students have a responsibility to notify DSS as quickly as possible when they drop and/or add courses, the arrangements for Interpreters/Transcribers shall be altered. Students, who must drop and/or add courses, shall notify DSS, as soon as possible of the schedule change in writing (email) or in person.

Non-Credit Events

Students who need the services of an Interpreter for special events, meetings, or appointments must submit a request in writing (i.e. email) or in person for those services to DSS at least three (3) business days before the event is to take place. If a student becomes aware of an event less than three (3) days in advance, the student should notify DSS as soon as possible. DSS shall make reasonable efforts to accommodate such requests.

Changes in Schedule

Any changes such as a room change, day, or time change of the class/event must be communicated to DSS immediately to ensure that services are not delayed.

Canceled Classes

In the event that a class is canceled, the student must notify DSS as soon as possible to ensure that Interpreters and transcribers are notified.

In the event that the University is closed or all classes are canceled, DSS will notify the Interpreters/transcribers.

Absences or Lateness

If a student knows they will miss a class/event, they should email DSS at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to provide at least 24 hours notice is considered a "No-Show."

If three consecutive classes/events are missed without informing DSS,  services for that class will be suspended pending a meeting with the Director. 

In the event that a student fails to appear, interpreters should wait at least 20 minutes for a one-hour assignment, 30 minutes for assignments longer than an hour, and one hour for all-day assignments. Interpreters must notify DSS immediately if a consumer fails to appear. If a student has not arrived within the above stated amount of time, the interpreter will leave, and the student will be considered a "No-Show."