The Catholic University of America

DSS Learning Specialist

The Learning Specialist is available to meet one-on-one with students who are registered with Disability Support Services.  The Learning Specialist can help students to improve their learning and achieve better success both in and out of the classroom.


Students who meet with the Learning Specialist can work on improving skills in a variety of areas.  These areas include:

-time management

-organization skills

-reading comprehension

-studying skills

-test-taking skills

-writing skills

-stress management

Scheduling Appointments

Students can schedule an appointment with the Learning Specialist at any time throughout the semester.  The Learning Specialist can meet with students weekly, bi-weekly, or on an as-needed basis.  To schedule an appointment, either call the main DSS office at 202-319-5211 or email

Workshops and other Resources

Workshops: Throughout the semester, the Learning Specialist will offer monthly brown-bag lunch workshops on a variety of topics, including time management/organization, notetaking skills, reading comprehension, and study tips/test-taking tips.  Check back to the DSS website for more information about where and when these workshops will be offered.

Blackboard Page: Students who are currently registered with DSS for a Learning Disability, ADD/ADHD, or a Traumatic Brain Injury now have access to the DSS Blackboard Page, which is called Student Learning Tools.  On this page, students will find information about learning strategies, important DSS announcements, links to campus resources, and information about helpful assistive technologies. 

Learning Strategy E-mails: At the beginning of every month, the Learning Specialist will send out an e-mail to all students who are registered with DSS.  This e-mail contains information about learning strategies and  tips to help students be successful throughout the semester. 

Student Feedback

Students who have met with the DSS Learning Specialist have provided helpful feedback about their experience, such as:

"I could be honest and present my issues to the Learning Specialist and was helped in an encouraging manner."

"I enjoyed talking about my concerns and having the Learning Specialist give me suggestions as to how I should go about fixing them."

"We were able to meet our objective for every appointment.  The Learning Specialist helped me to stay on task in preparing for my comprehensive exam."